We often get the same questions. Here you can find the most important ones.

apartmen test

At the beginning is the style test: Here you answer a few questions about yourself and your personality, because this forms the basis for your customized furnishing concept. Our technology evaluates the test and then proposes individually composed furniture for your home. If you are satisfied with the proposed furnishing concept, you can either order it as a complete package or choose individual pieces of furniture. Uncomplicated, simple & free of charge.

Our service is completely for free. You only pay for your new favorite furniture, for which you can set a budget in advance: Basic, Premium or Luxury.

You can already use apartmen. Even though we are still a young company, we are tring to offer you the best possible customer & shopping experience. If this is not the case, please contact us at hello@apartmen.io – we will find a solution.

Our official test phase is unfortunately over. We have learned a lot and we are still happy to receive feedback that helps us to improve our service for each of our customers. For this simply use the contact form. Alternatively you can send us an email directly to hello@apartmen.io.